Yoors Documentation

A streak is a chain of consecutive days during which a user publishes a post. The goal is to keep this chain unbroken, to unlock the cash prizes.
Challenge One-Time Pass
A Challenge One-Time Pass grants single entry to a challenge of your choice. It can also be used to claim your Streak reward prizes.
Yoors Points (YP)
Yoors Points (YP) are the digital currency on the Yoors platform, earned through contributions and social interactions, enabling gifting, and limited shopping within the community.
Quests are mini-challenges you can perform where you can earn rewards like Yoors Points, stars and Power-ups.
Stars serve as the currency for leveling up and unlocking special hidden features on Yoors
Hearts on Yoors serve as tokens of support from one member to another. Unlike other platforms, giving a heart on Yoors comes with a small cost of 10 Yoors Points.
Powerups on Yoors are special digital bonuses that enhance your experience on the platform, offering rewards, privileges, and exclusive features to users.