“Don't be so obsessive. The ones that are most at risk are with too much to kill them all, and those that are rarely used are well missed.'
“Dana, are you a good gasp?! Imagine not being able to write to Feyenoord anymore because the y falls prey to that psychopath!'
“A psychopath can't live without a y myself, and besides, I'll write my beloved clip with me anyway? After all, this is how the official way of writing started. Nothing wrong.'
“And your ex, then? Without x, that's just going to be another man who can just walk into your life.'
“The x is used very frequently these days, such as kisses that are regularly replaced by xxx. So even without danger.'
“And the q?'
“It is being quarantined, so out of use of the letter killer.’

#140w #syllacide

About psychopaths and obsessive people and all the letters that are still alive