The Euro Cup began, and because it is already clear what is vain to compete with the title Ayer, Italy, today Belgium, with a great Lukaku, the Hazard and company won 3-0 to Russia, missing in character ahead of the goal and limited his great figure Zyuba could not do much.

Belgium is not a favorite just because it has been the number one team in the FIFA ranking for several years or because it qualified for this Euro without losing any matches. It is that once the ball rolls it is a rich team tactically, competitive and, above all, with goal. He didn't need to crush Russia - neither is it the style of the team led by Roberto Martinez - but he was superior not only in both areas but also in order and play.

It's true that he found a gift after ten minutes.. Semenov failed to kick a Mertens center into the area. His failed clearance became a meek assist for Lukaku who scored half lap with the left. It is true that the Inter striker was in offside before his partner's center. But the rule has changed and if an opponent intentionally touches the ball - unless it is to avoid a clear goal - that action enables the attacker. Mateu and his assistants did not hesitate. And the VAR barely took a few seconds to validate.

Roberto Martínez has transformed Belgium into a roller. After taking her to third place at the World Cup in Russia 2018, the 'red devils' go for all at the Euro Cup. His great generation is among the candidates to win the trophy driven by the Spanish slate. Huge work.

We'll see who wins...!!!


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