Hi everyone!

I did a lot of Bible studies over the course of the past years, and I want to start doing debates to see how far I've come. Ultimately, I intend to start doing face-to-face conversations with strangers on the street. I love to talk to people about life and the purpose and meaning of life.

For now, I'd like to set up an educational environment here to show people the way to our Creator, God. The way I would like to do this is for you to give me your questions against God or creation, and I'll defend my perspective on why I believe in the Bible.

Let's not turn this into a hatred discussion, but keep it civil. We can have different opinions on things, and just show interest and respect for other people's perspectives. My aim is for you to consider the possibility that the Bible speaks the truth. I don't want to convert you - forcefully, anyway! ;) - but I do want you to get to know Jesus a little better. If I succeed in that, my mission is accomplished!

So, please, bombard me with your questions!

Evolution versus creation