Fifty Shades of Green: The Power of Nature


The power of nature, you often hear about it, but it was only in Iceland that I really got to know it, in a positive way.

Last week, I was “home” again in Iceland, where, amazingly enough, there was almost no snow, and it turned out to be between 5 and 8 degrees, I arrived with my ski pants and thermal clothes. 8 degrees in Iceland feels like spring here in the Netherlands!

But the power of nature: Geysir is one of the places where you regularly see a sample (about every 10 minutes), because then the Strokkur Geyser sprays, and that works with a force!
Below are two videos, where you can see how unexpected it is, and with how much power.
And so this goes on day and night. Boiling water that sprays meters up!

The third video shows, in the same area (about 100 meters from the squirting geyser), that the crystal clear water really boils, and is therefore really hot. There are many tourists who, despite the many warnings, need to feel that for a while. my glasses knew immediately what time it was :-). By the way, no matter how clear the water is, it doesn't smell like that!
Like you fell into a sulphur bath!

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Fifty Shades of Green: The Power of Nature | Encaustichris
Fifty Shades of Green: The Power of Nature | Encaustichris

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