Biggest premium increase since introduction. The basic insurance premium for DSW insured persons will be €149 per month in 2024. This represents a premium increase of €1150 per month, the largest contribution increase since the introduction of health insurance in 2006.
Affordability and accessibility at stake

The main reason for the premium increase is a further increase in health care costs. These are largely due to the increase in the wage costs of healthcare workers and by the increasing demand for care.

The health care allowance has risen continuously over the past five years. Director Aad de Groot concludes that these premium increases are no longer sustainable in the long term: “We can't help but increase the premium by this amount. And that is not nice news to share with our insured persons, because these premium increases lead to an even greater pressure on solidarity, more health avoidants and to a growing health gap. That's why we're really concerned about the affordability and accessibility of healthcare”

Fundamentally different choices
This requires fundamentally different choices in how we have designed our health care system, says the DSW director: “Health insurers should focus more on cooperation in the region and on improving people's living environment. In this way, we will also keep care and support available to those who really need it in the future” In addition, DSW proposes a different method of contracting: having the contracts concluded by two preferred health insurers in a region. This makes it better suited to the regional situation and plans. In the short term, DSW also calls for the funding of healthcare not to be based on production, but on keeping care accessible through long-term availability and budget funding.

Read the full news release and the explanation of the contribution structure on our website. #zorg #medicalcosts

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