#sports The oldest national team tournament in the world was in close opening due to complications and civil strike in Colombia, where it was going to be held with Argentina. Both piases were forced to resign as tournament venues for not having guarantees. One of those that had been put to order was Venezuela, but the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) announced on Monday that the headquarters of the Copa America 2021 will be Brazil two weeks after its start. Cough these inconveniences also because of the pandemic problem we are experiencing.

This Sunday, the sports association announced that Argentina will not be considered as headquarters for “present circumstances”, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ten days ago it had already been announced that Colombia would not be taken into account for the sporting event as a host due to the social outbreak currently going through the coffee country.

“CONMEBOL reports that in view of the present circumstances it has decided to suspend the organization of the Copa America in Argentina,” said the statement.

The South American football governing institution added that it is analyzing “the offer of other countries that showed interest in hosting the continental tournament”.

Among the possible venues is Chile, according to the Conmebol Development Director, Argentinean Gonzalo Belloso, said earlier this weekend.

The event had been presented as the first in South American football history with two countries as hosts, originally Argentina and Colombia.

Source: La Verdad del Zulia Newspaper.

It is now in Brazil