George Herman Ruth, better known as Babe Ruth, was a mythical professional baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox, helping to get the World Series titles during the years 1925, 1916 and 1918, in which he was also leader of quadrangulars with 11.

At that time, he stood out more as a pitcher than as a batter, he even imposed a record that remained undefeated for 42 years, of 30 full innings without receiving clean races, but it was his final years in Boston that the coaches noticed his talent to bat and decided to keep him playing in the different positions in the gardens..
For just over $100,000, the young and promising Boston ball player was sold to the New York Yankees, the biggest rival of the Red Sox, to finance a play called “Rochel, Rochel,” and although by that time it was considered a good amount of money, the sale of “Babe” to New York is considered one of the worst in history not only baseball, but sports in general, and you'll see why.

From the time of Ruth's Red Sox match, what is popularly known as the curse of the “Bambino” began, another of the nicknames of the legendary player, who said when he was sold that Boston would not win a World Series again.

His arrival in New York only confirmed the very serious mistake the Red Sox had made, because in his first year with the “Mulos,” Ruth pulled 54 balls, breaking his own previous record 29 to implant a new one, in addition, he pushed 137 striitas (league leader) with an average of .376, and yet he was not triple crowned, “failing” only in the average, where he was surpassed by the .407 of his landmark George Sisler, of the St. Luis Browns.

Thus began an illustrious career of the player considered the most famous player in history, being a kind of sports ambassador. Ruth would not tire of breaking and setting new records with the Yankees, like 60 home runs in 1927, a record that would remain intact until Roger Maris connected 61 in 1961, participating in more commitments than “Babe” (the league had expanded).

The Yankees, who had never won before the arrival of “Babe” Ruth, began to win championships with Bambino, who helped them win 4 of the 27 that accumulate Manhattan's total (leaders).


Once Ruth was sold, the incredible Red Sox debacle began, constantly being among the last places for the next 12 years.

Boston would not return to a World Series from Ruth's departure in 1920 until 1946, when they would run into the St. Louis Cardinals.

Everything indicated that the curse would come to an end, and that after 28 years of drought the Red Sox would remain champions, as they were 3-2 up in the series, however, they lost the next two games and the bad streak continued..

After several years of negative campaigns, hope would come again to Fenway Park in 1967, a season that became known as “The Impossible Dream” with Carl Yastrezemski as one of the team's stars.

After a tight and difficult regular season, Boston would reach the post-season, in which they did quite well and would reach the World Series, once again, before the Cardinals.

The St. Louis won 3 of the first 4 of the series, but Boston managed to draw sensationally the series with 3 wins on the side, so that everything was decided in the seventh and final, where Bob Gibson, opener of St. Louis, would dominate them completely and the Cardinals beat the Red Sox again.

In 1975 lived in Boston one of the strongest episodes of the “curse”, once again in the World Series, Carlton Fisk with his famous quadrangular sent the series to a seventh and decisive, where the Red Sox won 3-0 to the Reds already in the seventh inning, it seemed that everything was over, however, Cincinatti's managed to tie and win it in the ninth, to proclaim themselves champions.

The years passed and Boston still did not win, incredible mistakes, among some other things, kept the Red Sox away from a World Series trophy.

In 2003, the team would suffer a new disappointment, and for the umpteenth time, it would be against the New York Yankees, who eliminated them in game 7 of the Championship Series, after the “mules” managed to come from behind in a game they lost 5-2 in the eighth episode.

However, in 2004 they would repeat the good season and meet the Yankees again in the Championship Series, and the story would change, although initially it didn't seem like that..

Everything indicated that New York people would take the series comfortably, as they won the first 3 commitments of it, however, Boston achieved something unprecedented in baseball, returning from behind to win a series that lost 3-0, and advance to the World Series.

With a good team, and led by Terry Francona, the Red Sox would achieve double revenge, as not only did they eliminate the Yankees, but they would win San Luis once again in a World Series, but this time Boston would pass the broom, won in 4 games with Manny Ramirez as the most valuable.

Ruth's curse ended, after 86 years of drought, Boston would win the 2004 World Series and would repeat in 2007 against Colorado for their second title in just 4 years.


Despite having finished the curse, there was a task left to do, and it was to win a World Series title by achieving the final triumph at home, at Fenway Park.

It would cost a little more, however, on the night of this Wednesday, October 30, 2013, the Red Sox managed to beat the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park to get their eighth title in history, third in the last 10 years and in addition, raise the trophy at home for the first time in 95 years.

It was a radical change from last season to this, as in 2012 the Red Sox finished last in the East of the American League, and although many fans were not very sure about the team this year, they managed to win the most important title in the world for a baseball player.

Was it really a curse or just a bad streak of 86 years that the Red Sox had? Was “Babe” Ruth the culprit of the title drought or every team makes its own destiny?

No matter what each person believes, we can be sure of something, and that is that the curse or the bad streak of the team is behind, well behind, and by the winds that blow, the Red Sox will remain, for many years, one of the strongest teams in all baseball..