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I found the name of this beautiful flower
There was a lot of reaction to the name of this beautiful flower so I checked it out and would tell you more about it
Name Iris Japonica
Botanical Name Iris Jponica
popular Cultivars Variegata

Iris Japonica has basal deep green, dark green leaves. Yellow-green or light green leaves The leaves are colored close to the rhizome reddish purple and have no midgrain These Lance shaped leaves can reach 60 cm long and have a diameter of 15 to 35 centimeters wide and can be found in multiple colors such as light blue and Light lavender and lilac purple and white like this one in the picture of me

This flower is a symbol for
Faith and courage and wisdom

And remember these are very toxic to dogs and cats I read just as beautiful as she is so dangerous, she is too

Well, people now I have also learned something about searching on my app to find out which flower this is

well I hope you guys enjoyed it

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