In the past, humanity could do what it wanted. The planet was so big, humans were only a minority among all living things. But that has changed. By weight alone, we are ten times larger than all wild mammals combined, including all bison, elephants and whales. And if you also include livestock among humanity, we are even 25 times heavier. Welcome to the Anthropocene, says Carl Folke, a renowned Swedish environmental scientist. “We live in an era where humans are the determining factor on the planet. Just as algae once changed the planet by producing oxygen, evolution is now being driven by humans in all corners of the planet.'

It is clear that crises are coming, says Swedish environmental scientist Carl Folke. The question is whether we will fall into barbaric behavior or whether we will find stories together to break new ground. “We are initiating changes that involve a lot of uncertainty.' #weather #planet #peasants

We're getting a completely different planet