Linkbuilding is getting links for your site or posts.
And it is used in SEO . Search Engine Optimization.
Optimize your posts for google most of the time.
Yoors is optimizing for you constantly but you have also a job to do !

Every link to your post from a good and relevant source (!) makes your posts more relevant.

And it will be found more. Automated linkbuilding is prohibited ! And buying links as well.

There are linkbuilding services but it is not allowed. Google can give you a penalty so nobody can find your posts ever again. They just delete your presence. Google jail.

Linkbuilding strategies are there a lot. Asking for links. That's called outreach linkbuilding. Making fake links. linkfarms. Linking Park :) There are a lot of strategies.

What is the best you can do to get links ?

Make the most complete posts ever about a subject with the best quality ever.
Just make the definite post. And share it. That's a lot of work but easy as well.

Take the first result in Google. And then you say to your self. I am gonna make the better post. I am just gonna do that. That's a linkbuilding plan.
People can earn respect with your post by linking to it.

The internal linkbuilding is taken care of by the Yoors Platform .

You cannot use Yoors for linkbuilding to your site because your posts will not be indexed if you are only here for the link :)

So this is your linkbuilding tutorial : Just make a better post than the first search result. Make it much better. Than 'Natural Linkbuilding' will happen. And of course it helps to send your posts to people who are interested in the subject.

It is better to work on a post for a week and really score a hit than produce
a 100 meager posts..

Why try it ?
If your post gets links, more traffic, views engagement is more badge and new members via your post is more $ .

If you want to add something to this linkbuilding guide please comment !

Do you like this post ? Give me a badge so i can give it back ❤️when you made your definite post. Try it. Want it. Believe it. Just make a better post.


What is linkbuilding?

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